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that never saw the light of day.- Wehwalt ( talk ) 14:19, (UTC) "but it was suspended again in May 1940." Anything to do with the political or military events of that month? Yes, and I've expanded this to a short para. I have compiled a list of every reference source used in the article in my sandbox, listing why every site used is all good for use for a featured article, citing the website's staff, editorial team and publishing oversight. I see a lot of "em dashes" instead of "en dashes" like in this example with only.5 inches (76114 mm) of armour. Hawkeye7 (discuss) 04:33, (UTC) Sources review edit Spotchecks not carried out Formatting Ref 72: the source is not described in the citation. 95 Does not follow the original capitalisation. For a nomination to be promoted to FA status, consensus must be reached that it meets the criteria. This is the version on which I'm commenting.

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site pour rencontre gratuit placelibertie I would rencontre femme cochonne voyeur sous la jupe add the year that the Air Force Academy was founded (assuming 1955 if the first class graduated in 1959 not the year that the first class graduated. Must have gotten lost in the excitement, as I was watching the football when I was typing out my review.
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Possibly "evidence" - 'an account'? Possibly you intend. Sure, she only writes about boys and her obsession with the perfect Prince Charming, but this song showcases her maturity as an artist, both musically (I love the instrumental so bad) and lyrically (she has realised love is not a dream plus the sensual video. This will transclude the nomination into this page. Nikkimaria ( talk ) 01:09, (UTC) @ Nikkimaria : I am relatively new here, so can you give an example or make a sample edit? Regards, AustralianRupert ( talk ) 04:48, (UTC) in the Sources section, the isbn for Ormrod 2012 uses a different hyphenation scheme to the others Fixed. Wikipedia didn't have an article focused on this raid until I started it early last year. Please do not use a semicolon to bold a subheading; this creates accessibility problems.

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I am not sure if this part really fits in the current section. I think not because he covered the whole album, not only the song (correct me if I'm wrong) I hope these comments help. Nikkimaria ( talk ) 03:38, (UTC) Oops. I have reviewed a few of The Rambling Man's Boat Race articles before, and this is well up to, and I think, even better than, his previous standard of excellence. There are a bunch of duplinks. While the latter is acceptable American English and this is obviously a US topic, galerie femme erotique muse massage paris outside the US "Scott set the swim record" is as grammatically jarring as "Bolt is the run champion" or "Klitchko won the box match". Regarding #17 I think a pagenumber would help, as I can't find the mass estimates otherwise. Jason Rees ( talk ) 11:18, (UTC) The flooding in Labasa, later attributed to a "choked drainage system" and "exceptionally high tides would reportedly have been higher if not for dry soil. Census Bureau, but the creator hasn't edited regularly in almost four years. Just a few minor observations/comments from me: AustralianRupert ( talk ) 09:35, (UTC) offered the town surrender terms: do we know what these were? Does the fact that this map appeared in the CIA Factbook make it public domain? (we don't want to endorse 18th century norms, necessarily). From what I've seen in Japan, it is credible though - Nagasaki and Hiroshima have multiple major memorials to the atomic bombings, but there's almost no commemoration of the destruction of other Japanese cities (Osaka and some other cities have smallish museums, but they're generally. "Scott hoped to advance his career by becoming a test pilot, and hoped to be trained at Edwards Air Force Base, home to Chuck Yeager, first man to break the sound barrier." Since all test pilots got to their position by attending Test Pilot School. We're up on a slope, Joe, and we're looking down into the valley, andthat is spectacular!"- Wehwalt ( talk ) 14:43, (UTC) nasa administrator "retired from the agency effective September 30" "effective" seems an odd word. Some folk tend to favour active voice, and although I'm not necessarily one of them, active voice might be better in this instance. The 73rd Bombardment Wing contributed 169 B-29s Hmm the 73rd's article says that Americans use 73d instead of 73rd. 11:49, (UTC) Im not keen on red links in the lead. It leads with a rather long dependent clause before getting to the primary subject. Regards, AustralianRupert ( talk ) 04:48, (UTC) Support Comments from Tim riley edit Just booking my place. He and I have had exchanges of views about some drafting points in the past, but I find nothing to quibble at here. Have identified several inconsistencies in Beviss' account. SchroCat ( talk ) 11:18, (UTC) Nick-D edit It's great to see this article on an under-represented topic at FAC. Funk-pop redirects to funk, so I believe "funk-pop" is how a mainstream pop songs incorporate funk, akin to the music of Daft Punk I am uncertain about this part (in the words of Consequence of Sound's Sasha Geffen, commend conventional beauty standards of young white people). CPA-5 ( talk ) 20:02, (UTC) but was rejected due to his height of 163 centimetres (5 ft 4 in) Hmm at the time Australia didn't use SI-units. (As an aside, I don't really get this "the weather was often poor unless we mean compared to his previous home in California. I'd also like to thank User:SecretName101 for his/her contributions to this article, including most of the images.) - John M Wolfson ( talk ) 23:23, (UTC) Support. I am grateful to @ Nikkimaria, Peacemaker67, CPA-5, Jens Lallensack, and Sturmvogel 66 : for reviewing at ACR; if you would care to kick the tyres again I would be even further in your debt. I would suggest dividing that paragraph in two because of this. site pour rencontre gratuit placelibertie

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