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Ma salope a moi paroles haitienne salope

ma salope a moi paroles haitienne salope

Do anything for clout (Clout, do this, woo woo) They do anything for clout (Anything). I'm not gon' bite on the bait (Nah). Refrain 25 après Luidji, on démarre un nouveau siècle. J'ai rangé mon jeu de frappe et ma pince monseigneur. My kids gotta have money, not just me (Facts) That's selfish (It's selfish) Oh, I took the crown off the king like Mike did Elvis (Oh, I took it) Ooh, the world is wild, he dying Don't lie, that don't help him (World is wild). But you will be stopped, must respect. Un regard et leurs hymens se déchirèrent. No disrespect (Nah the nigga be tripping, but we love Ye (He tripping). Whatever they say about yourself, I'm in love with you. Get the whip, put it up for my seats (Put it up). I aint trying to wife you, too emotional Motional). Pay me for a show, I got a chopper (21) All this smelly, they gon' call the coppers (21) Can't run the game 'round rappers (Straight up) Cause I hang around all robbers (On God) Little nigga, do you got a problem?


My whore of a wife fucks my fat dad infront of me! ma salope a moi paroles haitienne salope

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